What’s Your Score? The Home Energy Yardstick

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    Do you ever wonder how your home’s energy use measures up against similar homes in your area?  Whether you’re already as efficient as can be expected in your area or you’re way behind the curve and need to be thinking about ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home?  Then you’re in luck.

    Energy Star has created a simple online tool you can use to assess your home’s energy use: the Home Energy Yardstick.

    The Home Energy Yardstick is a resource to determine where your home ranks in terms of energy efficiency.

    What goes into your score?  The tool takes into account the location of your home, the size of your home, the number of residents and the kinds of energy you use, as well as how much your utility bills cost in order to give you a score from 1 to 10.  It will even take into account local weather, as it calculates your score.

    Why do you need a score?  It’s just a simple way to see how your home measures up – but the tool also provides tips on how you can increase your score, improve the comfort-level of your home, and lower your utility bills.  (Such as installing an energy efficient heating system such as the ductless heat pumps which we at Northern Refrigeration can put in for you.)

    Why is your Energy Yardstick Score important?  A more efficient home saves you money.  It uses less of our non-renewable energy resources and reduces you energy footprint.  Better for the environment.  Better for your wallet.

    What do you need?  In order to get your score all you need is basic information about your home as well as your utility bills for the last twelve months.  (Or an accurate estimate if you don’t have the exact bills on hand.)

    Ready to find out how you match up?  Get Your Score.

    And if your score is low and you’d like to find ways to improve it, we at Northern Refrigeration are happy to help you discover the ways a ductless heat pump system can improve your energy efficiency and drastically lower your monthly heating costs.  Not to mention improve the air quality in your home.

    Contact us to learn more today about how we can help you with all of your home’s heating and refrigeration needs.