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  • We know that choosing things for your home, especially items that are a significant financial investment, are a big deal. It affects you, your family, and your finances for years to come. Choosing how to heat your home is an especially big decision and it’s one that we recently had to make ourselves.

    Part of the reason that we chose to install a low ambient mini split heat pump is that we wanted to have a system to show in a house setting for our potential customers. We also wanted to really see how heat pump heat differs from the radiant heat we had in our house. The 15rls3 mini split heat pump by Fujitsu is one of the most efficient mini split pumps on the market for its capacity and I really wanted to see how it would heat our home- kind of a trial and error.

    Heating costs are the second biggest expense for homeowners living in Southeast Alaska.

    We have had it installed for a little over 2 months and I’m still amazed every time that I use it.

    A few nights ago it was 21 degrees outside. I turned it up to 84 degrees before I went to bed. When I woke up at 7am my living room thermostat read 80 degrees and the bedroom, which is just off the living room, was 75 degrees. The most amazing part is the Fujitsu produced enough heat to warm a 1700 sq. ft. house and only used the same amount of energy as my refrigerator.

    For the amount of electricity the heat pump uses, and the high temps we keep the house at, gives us the perfect picture of just how efficient these heat pumps are.  When we had radiant heat we used to pay upwards of $200 to heat our 1700 sq. ft. home with high ceilings. We now pay about $60 a month.

    Heating costs are the second biggest expense for homeowners living in Southeast Alaska, the biggest being the cost of housing itself. The average household in Juneau could use $140 a month in reduced heating costs.  This savings would make a huge economic impact on Juneau and the entire southeast region!


    Outside it has a small footprint.


    Inside it’s discreet but effective.