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  • The number of years working with products, continuing education, certifications, and personal use are all key ingredients of experience within a field. At Northern Refrigeration we make it a goal to always keep reaching for higher goals and broader experience.

    Northern Refrigeration has a company combined experience of 25 years, half which belongs to John.  John started out in the trade working for his now competition in Juneau.  While there he worked on everything from small under-counter ice machines to huge refrigeration racks at grocery stores.  Heat pump technology was lacking at the time, but big advancements in recent years have really allowed heat pumps to shine in the Southeast.   Heat pump systems are now able to operate down to -18, making them ideal for our climate.

    We have installed over 70 heat pumps in the last 3 years of business. That means we have experience with nearly every brand and model of heat pump on the market.

    Our certifications include:

    • Every tech/installer is EPA certified.
    • We are Mitsubishi’s Diamond Contractor for Juneau.
    • We are Mitsubishi City Multi certified (commercial heat pump, A/C, heat recovery systems)
    • Daikin 3D dealers
    • Daikin vrv-4 certified
    • LG Multi V certified installers
    • Fujitsu Elite Contractors
    • Climate Master Certified Installers
    • Climate Master Service Contractor (ground source heat pumps)
    • John holds a State of Alaska Mechanical Administrator’s license for unlimited refrigeration, which requires him to do eight hours of continuing education on an annual basis.

    Beside our work experience and certifications, we also place personal trust in our products. Our whole company heats their homes with Heat Pumps!

    • David Nash has a Daikin Altherma air to water heat pump.  He is able to keep his entire electricity bill around $65.00 due to the fact he heats his house and his hot water during non-peak hours of the day (10 pm-6am) and his house is super insulated and has very little infiltration.
    • Paul Stephens has a Daikin multi zone heat pump with 3 heads, one heating his living room, dining room, and kitchen, and one in each of the two upstairs bed rooms. He also uses a single Fujitsu rls3 in his garage which he keeps at 50 degrees.
    • John and Kim heat their home with a single Fujitsu 15rls3 heat pump. Read more about their experience here.
    • We heat the Northern Refrigeration workplace with a Daikin super multi heat pump. Our shop is 900 sq. ft. shop and the office is 500 sq. ft. We could hook-up up to 8 individual indoor heads to if we wanted.

    We use what we install, some companies can’t say that.