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    On February 2nd, a peaceful groundhog name Punxsutawney Phil was pulled out of his tree stump and held up for a crowd to admire. Phil then got to look around on his own before he was allowed back into his warm den.

    Experts agreed, Phil did not see his shadow while he was out. Which, according to the local lore, means that spring will come early!

    Before you start celebrating, remember that we’re in Alaska and spring starting in March is laughable.

    But then we have to point out Phil’s accuracy. It turns out the poor little guy is only right about 40{9fbccc156f5725be75a91a7362b6154d0906bc3e0dc58094d3ca1c8a1bab6a64} of the time – which is actually worse than just flipping a coin. Now, we know that if we were pulled out of our warm den on a 22 degree Philadelphia morning our accuracy would be questionable as well.

    Phil isn’t the only forecaster! West Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Ohio, West Virginia, Louisiana, New York, Tennessee, and Canada all have their own famous weather animals. Apparently a majority of them have failed to see their shadow this year, so at least they all agree that the weather is cloudy this year.

    So what does this really mean for us? Nothing really. But this is a great opportunity for us to point out that the weather has been a bit odd this year and February isn’t looking much different.

    graphHistorically , temperatures in Juneau rise throughout the month of February. The average high is 33 at the beginning of the month and 35 at the end with lows holding steady at 25 throughout the month. It’s minor, but it’s still an increase!

    This year Accuweather is predicting that we’ll start this month well above average and head into March well below the average. If things go as predicted we’ll see temps in the teens towards the end of the month!

    Thanks, Phil.

    With knowledge comes the ability to prepare. You now know that you’ll need to budget for a higher heating bill than usual for February.

    Or you can use this opportunity to upgrade your current heating system. A new ductless unit is incredibly efficient and minor temperature fluctuations won’t raise your heating bills by any dramatic amount.