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Northern Refrigeration is focused on helping Alaskans. We know that your livelihood depends on your equipment running at peak performance at all times. We provide service, sales, installations, and maintenance packages with competitive rates and quality work. We provide affordable solutions for all of your heating and cooling needs.

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Installation Cost

For about the same cost as a traditional oil furnace you can install a ductless heat pump. With the ductless heat pump you'll instantly see monthly savings on your heating costs.

Cost Per Month of Use

With a new ductless heat pump you can cut your monthly heating bills by up to 75%. A low ambient mini split heat pump can produce heat up to 300% efficiency, saving you money.

Return On Investment Timeline

A new ductless heat pump will start saving you money twice as fast as a new oil furnace. In less than three years you will begin to see savings from your new pump.

An Alaskan-Raised Company with a Community Focus

We have been serving the Last Frontier for many years. From restaurant equipment to home heating we are well established as the premier service provider in Juneau. Our comprehensive maintenance programs and cutting edge appliance keep your home or business running smoothly and efficiently.

My wife, Kim, and I are lifelong Alaskans. We were born and raised right here in Juneau and maintain a strong connection to our community. We strive to give back to our community at every opportunity, making it an even better place for our neighbors to live and obtain services.

-John Howard

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Do you have something you need to keep cool? From fishing to restaurants, we specialize in all things refrigeration. We’re proud to keep Alaska running smoothly.

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Do you want to cut your heating costs? We are factory certified to install ductless heat pumps for commercial heating and cooling applications.

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We have technicians on call 24/7 to keep your business flowing. We offer comprehensive maintenance packages to fit all of your needs.

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